Caselaw Update

Bess v. State

Trial court sentence of three years’ incarceration for one count of child solicitation was not inappropriate under Appellate Rule 7(B) and does not warrant appellate revision.

Cline v. State

Although a trial court has discretion in granting or denying an expungement petition, it does not extend to a disregard of remedial measures enacted by our lawmakers. Such statutes should be liberally construed to advance the remedy for which they were enacted.

Johnson v. State

Driver of car constructively possessed heroin when the driver made furtive gestures when pulled over, the heroin was in close proximity to the driver, and the nature of the space demonstrated that he knew of the nature and presence of the heroin.

Meridian Health Services v. Bell

Health care provider was required to release a child’s mental health care records to the child’s father; trial court properly held the health care provider in contempt for not providing the records to father.


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