Modern Families Taking On The IRS?

Very well put. Certainly true that the earlier you get a professional involved, the more money you could save on fees!


The opening screen depicts the three families ...

Thinking about a family member taking on the IRS on your behalf might bring a smile to your face, but it might be better than doing it yourself. According to a well-worn phrase, a lawyer who represents himself has a fool for a client. Representing yourself can occasionally make sense, but it rarely does in tax disputes. Of course, you should make sure your lawyer or accountant is armed with all of the documentary support relevant to your case.

But when it comes to sitting down with the IRS audit staff, IRS Appeals Officer or arguing in court? It’s generally a mistake. There’s too much that can wrong and you aren’t objective. What’s more, you put yourself in a position where you may have to answer questions your representative could dodge.

But what about a family member? Can someone appear on your behalf, say your father, mother, spouse, son or daughter?…

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